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Synthetic Sodium Aluminum Silicate (Sodasil P95) It is used as a white pigment in paints, printing inks and paper, where it acts as a partial substitute for titanium dioxide (extender) at the same time as it increases the covering power and brightness both of the paint and of the paper. download
Calcined Kaolin (Himafil, Himatex, Himafine Series) It is mainly used in the Coatings, Rubber, Plastics, Ceramics, Paper & Concrete industries. Water & Solvent paint systems, Calcined Kaolin and Kaolin are essential to improve brightness of colours, opacity, gloss, viscosity as well as Titanium Dioxide saver. download
Talc (Iotalc Series) Talc is used as a filler to increase the volüme as well as to improve wet scrub resistance, optical properties and weathering protection in water-based paints and corrosion protection, solvent reduction & adhesion in the industrial Coating systems. download
Calcium Carbonate (Iotalk Series) Calcium carbonate is having a wide field of applications as a filler, coatings, inks, plastics, adhesive. download
Precipitated Silica (Tokusil Series) Precipitated silica is widely used in many applications, it is effective reinforcing filler for industrial rubber, furthermore, precipitated silica acts outstandingly toward foodstuff, feedstuff, carrier, pharmaceutical applications for the purpose of anti-caking, free-flowing, super carrying. download

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